Bose SoundTouch 130, Bose CineMate 130 and Bose CineMate 1SR Review

When you want to enjoy theater sensation, you should not always need to visit theater itself. You just need to find the right mate for making your own house have the sense of theater. When decorations will do much for you and will also cost much, you can innovate yourself by getting an audio system that will resemble the theater itself. Talking about the audio system, my suggestion for the choice is the Bose CineMate 1SR. There have been many Bose CineMate 1SR review that show the reliability and the greatness of this sound system. Now, let us find out what the great benefits that await you in this sound system.

Bose CineMate 1SR Review – Home Theater Speaker System

Bose CineMate 1SR ReviewWe will talk about the greatness that you will get from this speaker system. First of all, when you purchase this stuff, you will get two pieces of sound system with remote control. The first piece is the soundbar speaker and the second piece is the wireless acoustimass module. These two combinations of stuff will surely make a fine sound system in your home theater and make it feel like having the real theater.

The best part of this sound system are its flexibility and quality. In the flexible advantage, you will have a speaker which can be placed in any place without worrying about cable. The design of the wireless acoustimass module will surely make you be able to place it anywhere around the theater room that you think convenient for giving the best sound. For the soundbar speaker, you can place it directly facing your seat in seeing the film so you can get the direct sound from the film.

For the quality of this speaker,this speaker provides really excellent sound. First, the sound itself produces clear sound that is pleasing to the ears. Thanks to the Flexmount Technology that has become the key for producing the finest performance inside this high quality speaker. The design of this sound is also wonderful. The soundbar speaker is made in slim design so it will not cost much space and will make your room stay elegant with less furnishing in the room. The sounds which are produced by this speaker are also wonderfully excellent. The sound is spacious and will surely fill the room where it is installed even the room is wide enough.

Bose SoundTouch 130 Home Theater System

Bose SoundTouch 130 Home Theater SystemThe Bose Soundtouch 130 Home Theater System is your partner for having marvelous theater atmosphere. In the set of this speaker system, you will have four pieces of sound system which are the wireless acoustic mass module, soundbar speaker, nerve center, and sound radiator. Those pieces of product will make you have a wonderful sound in your home theater so you will feel the sound of the real theater.

The sound of this speaker system for sure. You get the sound which is clean and smooth in your ear. It will provide you with full and spacious room so you will feel that your home theater has speaker all over the part. The sound which is produced is really fine so that the bounce of the sound will not make annoying sounds. As you place it the soundbar speaker in the front, you will hear clean sound for the dialog and main sounds in the movie.

For making the sound not only focus in the main sound, you will also have the excellent wireless acoustic mass module. This stuff will bring you the low notes in the cinema or sounds that you play so you will also hear the side sound that makes different atmosphere in the movie. The sound is really adaptable to any kinds of room. The wireless design will make you be able to have flexible placements without caring about the cable that you often find in common sound system. You can also play some music directly through the internet using music service like Pandora, internet radio, and many more.

Bose CineMate 130 Home Theater System

Bose CineMate 130 Home Theater SystemFor the last resort, we have the Bose CineMate 130 Home Theater System. This is sound system which is comparable to the previous one for sure. You get three parts when you purchase this sound system including control console, soundbar speaker, and the wireless acoustic mass sound. You will get the feature of SoundTouch where you can play music from other devices using Wi-Fi connection. ITunes is the example of device that can be used for playing music with this sound system.

The most favorable part is the 4 HDMI Inputs in this sound. It gives them various kinds of setting for getting the finest sound. The output of the sound itself is really smooth and comfortable in the ears. It is clear and pleasing because there is no annoying vibration from the speaker that may happen. The sound is delivered with nice precision and with better partition of sounds. For the low notes, the wireless acoustic mass speaker will give you it with clear and pleasing sound for sure.

For the feature, first, its easy control using remote control will make you be able to use it easily. The design of the speaker system is really flexible. For the soundbar itself, the soundbar design is made in slim and light design with small size. This will let you have good placement in any place around the theater room but it is recommended for you to put it below the television or monitor for direct sound. For the wireless acoustic mass, the greatness comes from its wireless feature. As there is no wire, you can place it randomly around your house without the need for thinking about the wire.

As you have got all of the best Bose CineMate 1SR review, I believe you should be able to find the right one for you. Your satisfaction is important in this part because when you are happy, you feel much better and more grateful for having the sound system. Choose one of them because each of them will surely bring you satisfaction as you have read the reviews for Bose CineMate 1SR above.

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