Razor Hovertrax 2.0 VS SWAGTRON T1 VS Powerboard 15004-Red VS Jetson Rover V8 VS EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter

1. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart ScooterStep on the deck and go with Razor Hovertrax 2.0, the world’s smartest self-balancing electric scooter. Intelligently-engineered with EverBalance technology, Hovertrax 2.0 is the only board that auto-levels for a safer, easier mount and a smoother ride. Whether you’re coasting, racing, or commuting, Hovertrax 2.0 is always in balance. Indoors or out, Hovertrax 2.0 does the work so you can enjoy the journey. Hovertrax 2.0: technology so advanced, it’s simple. Once you learn how to ride, it becomes second nature.

Whether you’re riding around your neighborhood or cruising to a friend’s place, Hovertrax 2.0 offers the performance and maneuverability you need to make every ride a blast. Hovertrax 2.0 is also made from a shatter-resistant polymer frame with fender bumper protection and anti-slip rubber foot platforms, to keep you going for many rides to come.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter Features

  • The world’s smartest self-balancing electric scooter, made by Razor, the trusted global leader in electric recreational products
  • UL 2272 certified, ensuring that the patented Razor Hovertrax 2.0 meets the industry’s highest electrical safety standards
  • Cruising speed of 8+ mph with silent 350-watt motors and a run-time of up to 60 minutes of continuous use for riders up to 220 lbs
  • Easy, quick-change 36V lithium ion battery pack made with authentic LG cells, so you can always extend your ride
  • Built with Razor’s exclusive EverBalance technology, which automatically levels the Hovertrax 2.0 for an easier mount and extremely smooth ride
  • New features include cool-blue LED light bar display, fender bumpers, LED battery power indicator, and two riding modes for training & normal use

You can visit the link below to get more details or check the price.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

2. SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard – Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

SWAGTRON T1 - UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard - Electric Self Balancing ScooterSwagTron is the only hoverboard brand to include the patent-pending, UL 2271 certified SentryShield battery pack and was first to market wth an overall UL2272 certification. With its flame-resistant frame, hard shell design strong enough to support up to 220lbs, Stop Safe Technology, and the new smart Battery Management System (BMS) you are free to adventure, safer.

Illuminate your night and evening journeys with your SwagTron LED headlights. These bright energy efficient LEDs light the path when your adventure outlasts the sun. Take that, sun. The night time is Swag time! Our indicator lights make sure you always know when your board is on and how much juice it has left. When you’re low on battery, our easy-to-read 5 light indicators will let you know your charge level.

SWAGTRON T1 Electric Self-Balancing Scooter Features

  • Cruise with swag on your hoverboard boasting an 8 mph top speed and 11 mile range – weight up to 220 lbs
  • UL 2272 certified – the SWAGTRON 2-wheel self-balancing scooter excelled in all electrical safety tests
    This swag motorized scooter’s new features include: LED headlights, battery indicators, rubber bumpers, and two riding modes
  • Patented SWAGTRON SentryShield smart battery management system provides multi layered hover skate-board protection
  • This balance scooter features an upgraded 250 Watt motor and gear stabilization for tighter control and downhill traction
  • Range: Up to 7 – 12 miles Charging Time: 1 Hour

You can visit the link below to get more details or check the price.

SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard

3. Powerboard 15004-Red Hoverboard 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

Powerboard 15004-Red Hoverboard 2 Wheel Self Balancing ScooterThis is a genuine power board brand unit from Hover board. It comes in a beautiful power board box and has power board specific instructions, a certified 1 year warranty, and access to USA based customer support at power board/Hover board headquarters. Hover board is a registered trademark used under license from gaped ltd.

Powerboard 15004-Red Hoverboard 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Features

  • Guaranteed safe, won’t overheat!  the U.S. Government has approved Ul2722 Certification as assurance that this product does not overheat, spark, smoke, catch fire, etc
  • USA company – fast shipping – get it right away – Powerboard is based in the USA
  • BETTER and faster than the others – top speed of 10 kmh/H – smooth & simple acceleration, drift corners with ease! just lean forward or back to go forward or reverse
  • Smooth & simple acceleration, drift corners with ease! just lean forward or back to go forward or reverse. Lean side to side to master cornering at high speeds
  • One year limited warranty with US based customer support – if at any point you’re having issues with your power board contact our customer service Department

4. Jetson Rover V8 Self Balancing Scooter

Jetson Rover V8 Self Balancing ScooterNow you can travel around the city or across campus expediently when you board the Jetson Rover V8 Self Balancing Scooter. This 2-wheeled ride has 3 speeds, controlled by you via our exclusive free smartphone app, that allow you to glide over surfaces, make sharp turns, and stop or start with just a subtle shift of your body. More convenient and space saving than a bike, the Rover V8 charges at work or in your room and does not have to be locked-up when you reach your destination. Simply take it inside with you. To make the experience even better, built-in speakers let you jam to your favorite tunes along the way.

The Rover V8 boasts twin 400 watt electric motors. It easily carries up to 231 lbs at speeds up to 10 mph, and goes 12 miles on a single charge. Two 8.5″” all-terrain tires masterfully navigate over grass, gravel and other surfaces with ease. LED headlights and red rear lights ensure your visibility to motorists and pedestrians. With independent gyros on both sides of our self-balancing scooter, you will skillfully maneuver over streets and sideways and reach your destination without breaking a sweat.

Jetson Rover V8 Self Balancing Scooter Features

  • DUAL 400 WATT MOTORS reach a top speed of 10 mph for up to 12 miles, and support up to 231 lbs. Every Rover Self Balancing Scooter is UL 2272 Certified for safety, with a charging time of 1.5 hours.
  • INDEPENDENT GYROS deliver dynamic equilibrium for enhanced control with a shift of your body weight. Zero degree turning radius lets you impress your friends with epic riding skills and control.
  • 3 SPEED MODES are controlled from our free app, which you download to your smartphone. View your route history, check your battery life and change riding modes with the Jetson Rover V8 Bluetooth App.
  • SAFETY FIRST with LED headlights and rear braking lights. Enjoy the confidence of non-slip foot pedals and built-in Bluetooth speakers for streaming your favorite music or podcasts as you travel.
  • ALL-TERRAIN TIRES measure 8.5”. Enjoy more power to ride over gravel, grass and other surfaces. With a water resistance rating of IPX4, your Jetson Rover V8 can dart through puddles with impunity

5. EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance BoardEPIKGO is far from average, it’s the next generation of electrical self-balancing board technology. Recently the hover balance board industry took the world by storm as it showed a new innovative form of transportation. Unfortunately, this new wave of technology came with a few issues of its own. EPIKGO recognized the problems and safety concerns in the industry and corrected them to develop the transportation of tomorrow for the generation of today.

The EPIKGO has obtained the highest standard in regards to safety after successfully becoming UL 2272 Certified; assuring users that fire and electrical hazards are not a factor. Besides being safer, EPIKGO stands out because its durable build helps it tackle virtually any obstacle in its way. Travel through grass, mud, dirt and sand with this new device built to go anywhere and do more.

EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board Features

  • GO SAFER – UL 2272 Certified balance board with UL2271 Certified Smart Battery. Underwent and passed 159 tests regarding safety regulations, meaning no potential fire hazards.
  • MORE POWER – EPIKGO has 400W Dual Motors that help it climb slopes as steep as 18 degree and last over 1 hour at 10mph top speed on a single charge, making it the most powerful balance board on the market.
  • GO ANYWHERE – Solid rubber tires for all- terrain purposes. Rated IP56 for solidness and water resistance. Easily maneuver through grass, mud and sand on the board built to do more.
  • BIGER & BETTER – EPIKGO is nearly 2x more powerful and 30% larger than the leading competitor meaning more foot space, a more stable ride and more control. Plus the built-in fast 2 hour fast charging technology, it makes the most sophisticated product of its kind.
  • BEYOND THE PRODUCT – 1 year limited warranty covers parts and labor from the manufacturer, a US company based in the heart of Silicon Valley

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