Skque UL2272 VS EPIKGO SPORT VS SURFUS 6.5″ Waterproof Hoverboard VS TEN-HIGH Q7 528wh

Skque – UL2272 (MAX 220 lbs) Self Balancing Scooter / Hoverboard

Skque - UL2272 (MAX 220 lbs) Self Balancing Scooter HoverboardA two-wheel auto Self Balancing Scooter, giving a much more stable ride and a faster response, making it safer and easier to control. The turning radius can be zero, which means that it can be operated in a very narrow space, reaching almost every possible place where people can make. You can also stand still on it and even turn 360 degree in a spot. Just step on, you will be able to ride it. It carries two driver motors within the wheels that can be controlled with both feet individually for easy turns, rotation, acceleration and smooth breaking.

Skque – UL2272 (MAX 220 lbs) Self Balancing Scooter / Hoverboard Features

  • UL CERTIFIED BATTERY SAFETY – UL 2272 Certified Skque Hover board / Self Balancing Scooter pass all UL safety regulations, making sure your hover board is 100% safe for you and your family
  • Upgrade in & out – improved motherboard with professionally tuned gyro sensors offer you the smoothest ride; stronger shell Plus enhanced Chassis provide unmatched product durability
  • Music is on- built-in wireless Bluetooth Speaker (only equipped in Bluetooth models) lets you Link up your board with your cell phone. Now you can cruise along while listening to your favorite music
  • Safer rides at night – ride at night and be seen with the build-in bright LED lights with class. Travel in style, sure to be a head turner wherever you go
  • Warranty – 1 year limited warranty that covers parts and labor.

EPIKGO SPORT Balance Board Self Balance Scooter

EPIKGO SPORT Balance Board Self Balance ScooterThe EPIKGO Sport is the next evolution of personal transportation. Featuring streamlined racing tires for a faster, smoother ride, the Sport is the most extreme board in the industry. Now you can fully enjoy a board that can truly GO ANYWHERE. IP56 certified for water resistance means water is no longer a problem. Plus the dual 400-Watt motors can take you over grass, sand, mud and more

With 400W dual motors the Sport Series is 80% faster than competing boards on the market. The performance tires on the EPIKGO Sport Series transfers more power from the board to the ground. Created from pressure- crafted metal, the wheels on the Sport Series give your board strength and style.

EPIKGO SPORT Balance Board Self Balance Scooter Features

  • It has 400W Dual Motors that help it climb slopes as steep as 18 degree and lasts over 1 hour and over 10mile range on a single charge, making it the most powerful balance board on the market
  • The Sport features stream-lined racing tires increase speed and provide a faster, smoother ride. Rated IP56 for solidness and water resistance. Easily maneuver through grass, mud and sand on the board built to do more
  • EPIKGO is nearly 2x more powerful and 30% larger than the leading competitor meaning more foot space, stable ride and control. Plus the built-in 2- hour fast-charging technology.
  • 1 year limited warranty covers parts and labor from the manufacturer
  • UL 2272 Certified EPIKGO board with UL2271 Certified LG Smart Battery. Underwent and passed 159 tests regarding safety regulations, meaning no potential fire hazards

SURFUS 6.5″ Waterproof Hoverboard

SURFUS 6.5 Inch Waterproof HoverboardSURFUS hoverboards are UL2272, UL2271 and UL60950-1 certified to comply with battery charging electrical standards. Your SURFUS hoverboard features enhanced battery charging protection that ensures your battery will charge quickly while remaining safely cool. The SURFUS Smart-C hoverboard can carry up to 220 lbs. and can climb hills with a grade up to 15 degrees.

SURFUS 6.5″ Waterproof Hoverboard Features

  • UL certified hoverboard, battery and charger with safe and enhanced battery protection that ensures a quick and cooler battery charge
  • The sturdy construction of SURFUS boards delivers you an incredibly steady and ultra-smooth ride
  • The boards ergonomic design and non-skid footpad combine to give your feet a solid grip to the board allowing you to effortlessly glide through corners with full and precise control
  • Cruise up to a 6.2 mph with a travel range of up to 12 miles on a single charge
  • Light-weight shell with a matte finish, bright blue LED headlights, battery indicators, and quality rubber tires and aluminum rims . We value all the customers’feelings and feedback. If you have any problems on how to play with hoverboard, or any questions with the product quality, don’t wait to contact us , We are glad to help you and give a satisfied feedback to you ,Enjoy your ride

TEN-HIGH Q7 528wh Off-road Intelligent Outdoor Self-balancing Electric Vehicle

TEN-HIGH Q7 528wh Off-road Intelligent Outdoor Self-balancing Electric Vehicle

  • Max Speed: 18km/h
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery
  • Battery Power: 360WH
  • Battery Capacity: 11000mAh
  • Motor Size: 19″
  • Max Load: 130KGS
  • Max Gradient: 30°
  • Charge Time: 6-8H
  • Pedal Distance: 13cm
  • Range: 30KM
  • Color: White/Black/Blue/Red

TEN-HIGH Q7 528wh Off-road Intelligent Outdoor Self-balancing Electric Vehicle Features

  • Remote control, voice prompts, turn indicators
  • Handle: control left and right turn Left hand steering, scooter turn left; the right hand steering, scooter to the right; when the handle is in the neutral position, scooter direction will remain unchanged.
  • Inertial dynamic stabilization system: to maintain the level of the front and rear direction Which determine the body posture, and then later by a precision high-speed central microprocessor to calculate the proper instruction, the drive motor to achieve a balanced result.
  • Design concept Integration of high-precision gyro technology, high-precision preparation, stability control, safe driving

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